Harry Dunn: All Democrats Must Reject Trump Donors & MAGA Republicans’ Dark Money Dollars

ELLICOTT CITY, MD — Today, reports surfaced that the super-PAC United Democracy Project plans to spend hundreds of thousands of dark money dollars to meddle in the Democratic primary in Maryland’s Third Congressional District.

United Democracy Project is funded by Republican mega-donors who have given millions of dollars to the worst MAGA extremists, including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Lauren Boebert. In 2022, UDP endorsed over 100 candidates and members of Congress who endorsed the insurrection and tried to overturn the 2020 election.

In response to today’s reports, Harry Dunn released the following statement:

“Every candidate for Maryland’s Third Congressional District should immediately condemn this dark money spending bankrolled by MAGA Republicans. Candidates who receive this support accept the endorsement of an organization that has backed candidates and Members of Congress who incited the rioters I fought on January 6th and tried to overthrow our democracy.

“Right after I announced my plan to protect our democracy from outside special interests who try to influence elections, dark money was solicited into this race. These groups, funded by Republican extremists, are coming after our movement to protect American democracy. Congressman John Sarbanes spent his career trying to get dark money out of politics, now those same dark money groups are trying to buy this seat.

“Our grassroots movement won’t be scared off by this dark money spending. I’ve made protecting and strengthening our democracy the center of our campaign, taking up the mantle of Congressman Sarbanes who spent his career fighting the influence of right-wing dark money groups like the UDP. We’re going to win this race, and when I get to Congress, I know who I will work for and I will be accountable too – and it won’t be the dark money donors or the special interest groups.”

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