Our children are our future and education is the bedrock of our society. Harry is a proud product of Maryland public schools, where he learned the values of diversity, service, empathy, and hard work from his peers and teachers. Harry’s sister teaches in the public school system and his daughter also attends public school, so this is personal to him. That’s why in Congress, Harry will:

  • Strengthen federal funding for public schools so that everyone can have access to a quality education.
  • Support teachers by increasing their wages and paying them what they deserve.
  • Make higher education more affordable and invest in alternatives to universities for students like community college, trade schools, and more. Harry supports the College for All Act which would eliminate tuition and fees at public universities, colleges, and community colleges and double the maximum Pell Grant over 5 years.
  • Provide federal funding to expand public Pre-K and Kindergarten access, particularly for low-income communities.
  • Stand up for teachers and support the Fight Book Bans Act to protect our education system from Republican attacks so that politicians like Ron DeSantis can’t put their far-right ideologies over our youth getting the education they deserve.
  • Protect Black history from attempts at whitewashing by supporting the Black History is American History Act.

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