Preventing Gun Violence

Harry is tired. He’s tired of reading seemingly every week about another mass shooting and the devastating news of its victims. He’s tired of reading about the seemingly endless loss of life from guns in our country. He’s tired of “thoughts and prayers.” Harry is disgusted by Republicans’ inaction and knows we must do everything we can to resolve this epidemic of gun violence. Americans deserve the right to go grocery shopping, attend church, or see a movie without fear. That’s why in Congress, Harry will:

  • Ban assault weapons to keep weapons of war off our streets and pass universal background checks.
  • Pass legislation regulating so-called “ghost guns” as well as limiting bump stocks and extended magazines.
  • Crack down on straw purchasers and pass the Gun Trafficker Detection Act to limit the proliferation of guns across state lines.
  • Fund research into gun violence and support red flag laws so that people with a history of violence cannot access firearms.

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