Supporting Our Service Members and Veterans

Our service members are the best of us. Harry has the utmost respect for their sacrifice, and he has seen that firsthand as the grandson and son of veterans. Harry was born on Andrews Air Force Base, where he learned the values of service and duty. Military installations reside in and around the Third District, including Fort Detrick, Fort Meade, the Naval Academy, and Coast Guard Stations at Annapolis and Curtis Bay. Harry knows that we don’t do enough to support veterans after they have completed their service. Honoring our commitment to them will be at the top of his priorities. Harry is fully dedicated to funding the military to protect our country and democracy across the world. In Congress, Harry will:

  • Advance suicide prevention and mental health resources to stop the tragic loss of life among our heroes.
  • Fully fund the Veterans Affairs Department and protect it from privatization.
  • Protect the Toxic Exposure Fund created by the PACT Act so that all toxic-exposed veterans are able to receive care for health issues they incurred while serving.
  • Work across the aisle to provide job opportunities and address the homeless crisis for our veterans.
  • Support pay raises for our troops and strengthen TRICARE.

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