Nancy Pelosi Endorses Harry Dunn for Congress

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Today, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi endorsed Harry Dunn’s campaign for Congress, marking a pivotal moment in the race for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. With decades of leadership and steadfast dedication to progress, Speaker Pelosi’s endorsement signals a resounding vote of confidence in Dunn’s ability to champion the needs of Marylanders with integrity and determination. As one of the most influential voices in American politics, Speaker Pelosi’s endorsement carries significant weight, underscoring Dunn’s readiness to lead and his capacity to unite Marylanders.

Statement from Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi:

“Harry Dunn is a proven, patriotic leader with a deep understanding of the issues facing Maryland, a state we both grew up in and both love. I am proud to endorse Harry Dunn for Congress, confident in his ability to deliver real results for the people of Maryland’s 3rd District. 

“I saw Officer Dunn’s courage firsthand in the face of unprecedented violence and insurrection on January 6th, when he stood firm to protect the Capitol, the Constitution and democracy itself. I am personally grateful for the life-saving protection that he provided to my staff, to me and to so many others in the Capitol. All are in awe of his generosity and conviction in sharing his harrowing story from that dark day, testifying before our Select Committee to Investigate January 6th. 

“Officer Dunn’s courage, resilience and love of country embody the spirit of Maryland and America – and will make him a valued member of our House Democratic Caucus. Together, we will work tirelessly to build a more inclusive and prosperous future for all Marylanders, leaving no one behind.”

Statement from Harry Dunn:

“I am deeply honored to receive Speaker Pelosi’s endorsement in this race. Her long family history of service to communities in Maryland have inspired my journey and it’s part of the reason why I’m in this race. Her unwavering commitment to advancing the values we hold dear as Marylanders serves as an inspiration to me and countless others. 

“With her support, I am more determined than ever to fight for working families, protect our democracy, and ensure a brighter future for all Marylanders. Speaker Pelosi’s endorsement reaffirms our shared vision for progress and strengthens our resolve to tackle the pressing challenges facing our communities.”

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