Veterans Endorse Harry Dunn in Maryland Congressional Race

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Common Defense, the nation’s largest grassroots veterans organization, is proud to endorse former US Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn as the next representative for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Dunn courageously defended democracy from violent insurrectionists as they attacked the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

“We are deeply honored to endorse a true hero, who, standing tall, wielded nothing but his bare hands within the halls of Congress on January 6th to safeguard the very democracy we, as veterans, solemnly pledged to protect with our raised right hands.” – Oscar Arbulu, Common Defense’s Deputy Political Director 

For veterans, having strong leadership is paramount to making change. Leading from the front is a military saying reserved for leaders who set an example, roll their sleeves up, and work alongside their community. Officer Dunn has clearly shown throughout his career as a US Capitol Police Officer that he is that leader. Common Defense enthusiastically endorses Officer Harry Dunn in his effort to become Maryland’s Third Congressional District’s Member of Congress.

“As the son and grandson of veterans, I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Common Defense. Together, we can and we will fight for our veterans, our service members, and our progressive values in Congress.” – Harry Dunn 


Common Defense Civic Engagement is a grassroots, veteran-led organization that was founded in 2016. We empower veterans to stand up for our communities against the rising tide of racism, hate, and violence, to organize against the entrenched powers that have rigged our economy, and to champion an equitable and representative democracy, where “liberty and justice” truly is for all. For too long, politicians from both political parties have attempted to use veterans as unwilling political props, and Common Defense serves as a home for veterans to organize and speak for themselves and support the candidates who truly share our values.

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