What They’re Saying: Harry Dunn Stands With the People, 

ELLICOTT CITY, MD — Heading into election day on Tuesday, Harry Dunn, former Capitol Police officer and candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District has been hard at work talking to Marylanders and getting out the vote, while MAGA super-donors spend over 4 million dollars to try to buy this election.

Take a look at what they’re saying:

American Prospect: AIPAC Running Field Organizing in Maryland House Race

By: Luke Goldstein

  • “But to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Dunn looks like a threat, apparently. In April, the lobby’s affiliated super PAC, United Democracy Project, slotted a $600,000 ad buy in support of Dunn’s leading opponent, Sarah Kelly Elfreth…”
  • “UDP’s level of investment in the race goes beyond fundraising though. The Prospect has learned that the PAC is actually embedded in Elfreth’s organizing infrastructure and helping run her ground game.”

The Intercept: Neither Candidate Has Much to Say About Israel. So Why Is AIPAC Pouring Money Into This Race?

By Akela Lacy

  • “In the last month, AIPAC’s super PAC, United Democracy Project, has poured $4.1 million into the race to support Elfreth. Some 20 candidates are running for the open seat in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, where incumbent Rep. John Sarbanes announced in October he would not seek reelection.”

The Guardian: Pro-Israel Pac pours millions into surprise candidate in Maryland primary

By Joan Greve

  • “When news of UDP’s investment broke last month, Dunn responded by calling on all candidates to “condemn this dark-money spending bankrolled by Maga [Make America Great Again] Republicans”. In a statement to the Guardian, Dunn framed the Super Pac’s involvement as an insult to the legacy of Sarbanes, who made campaign finance reform one of his top priorities over his nine terms in Congress.”
  • “That message seems to be resonating with voters, as Dunn’s team boasts that more than 100,000 people have donated to his campaign. FEC filings show that, of the $4.6m raised by Dunn, nearly $3.7m came in the form of unitemized contributions, meaning they derived from donors who gave less than $200 to the candidate across the election cycle. According to Dunn’s team, the average contribution to the campaign has been $21.64.”

Salon: Critics accuse pro-Israel Republican mega-donors of trying to tip the scales in a Democratic primary

By Charles Davis

  • “Susan Turnbull, a former chair of the Maryland Democratic Party who previously served on the board of director for Hillel, told Salon she was troubled to learn of the pro-Israel intervention in the primary race. She herself identifies as a Zionist and supporter of Israel’s right to exist, but says the people backing Elfreth’s candidacy are not merely pro-Israel, but pro-Israel’s right-wing government.
  • Turnbull, who has endorsed Dunn, said her concern is that AIPAC-affiliated “mega-donors” have taken it upon themselves to make this race about Israel, “above and beyond every other issue that matters to the American people,” and are “attempting to determine races across this country.”
  • “As a Democrat, I am especially opposed to that notion,” she said. “Someone who is supporting… Donald Trump donating in a race in a Democratic primary to change the potential outcome of that race. That’s my problem with it.”


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